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Adam Oz Video Production Showreel

Adam Oz Video Production Showreel

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Has your brick-and-mortar business changed? Do you want to boost your business recognition online?

Video is now one of the most highly engaging formats, it increases user engagement on your website and works wonders across multiple social media platforms.

I run a video production service to help small businesses grow bigger on the Internet, focusing on original and creative videos that are delivered at an affordable rate.


During the production process, I will discuss ideas with you and manage the project from end-to-end.

I’m always interested in creative input, so if you have an idea or a story in mind then please shout it out.

I will work with you to ensure the delivery of your vision.


All of the video services will include; High quality video and audio capture, basic graphics, logos and lower third text, and any amendments needed to the final edited video(s).


If you’d like to discuss these rates or anything else, please get in touch and let's talk video.

*These are rough prices that are targeted at businesses looking to build on their website. The costs may or may not incur some of the extra requirements you might need listed below in the promo video breakdown. This also doesn't include any travel expense outside the M25. I have photographic and film equipment insurance, (including standard £1m Public Liability.)*



From £650

Man Typing on a Laptop

Social Media Clips

From £400

AO Video Customer review


From £400

Screenshot 2021-01-25 at 20.28.17.png



From £450

Promo Video

Promotional Business Video

FROM £650


2-6 Minute video

1-2 Filming days


Graphics / Text

50% OFF 

Social media clips needed after edit.

A promo video can be between 2-6 minutes, however keeping your video short will result in more views. Customers can instantly learn about your company and what you do in minutes. I have all the necessary camera equipment to shoot great videos at an affordable rate.

The promotional video cost excludes the following extras you might need for your video idea, please find a detailed list of these requirements below.

Shooting days:

Most company promos can be filmed in 1-2 days which is included, planning is crucial for this. Depending on your video requirements any extra days are £150.


Actors / Voice over artists

Providing the viewer with a friendly familiar face can gain trust, but if you have camera-shy colleagues then you’ll need to hire actors. The prices are depending on their experience and any speaking roles.


Drone filming

If you're looking for more ambitious shots like aerial drone footage you would need to hire a drone pilot. Commercial flying over or near the general public requires a licensed drone pilot.


Location Hire

Rest assured you can save money by simply filming from within your office building/on site. If you want to film externally, then you may need to pay a permission fee to the council depending if it’s in a public place.


Advanced 2D/3D animation

I can provide simple animation from moving logos and graphics to lower thirds and text. But if you have any specific requirements that involve animation then it is a costly choice. It is time consuming and takes experience with animation software programs.

Social Media Clips

FROM £400


30-60 second short-video clip.

1 Filming day

Editing / Graphics

Social media is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. These platforms offer unique opportunities to reach existing and new customers enabling your brand to grow. 


To create this type of video we would need content from your company e.g. logos, text and some filming on site would be beneficial as well. These can also be an extension from a company promo video for an extra small cost.

Social Clips

Testimonial / Customer Reviews

FROM £400


1-2 minute video

1 Filming day

Editing / Graphics

These interview style videos can really help your audience get to know how your company deals with it's clients. 


Testimonials are a quick and cost effective way to show client success stories, you can turn it into a powerful message that can be shared over multiple platforms to gain trust.


Product / Explainer Videos

FROM £450


1-2 minute video

1-2 Filming days

Editing / Graphics

Demonstrating your product(s) and showing off your ideas has never been so easy with the power of explainer videos. They can lead the way in marketing and bring your products to life.


Product videos can help you increase your brand awareness by talking through how they work and highlighting usp’s that can influence decision making.

Product Videos

FROM £1,050

2-6 min Highlight video

Wedding ceremony

and speeches video.

1 Filming day £350

2 Editing days £700

I take a small number of wedding bookings each year. I start filming when you’re getting ready, and finish just after the first dance plus any testimonials you would like. 

I like to work unobtrusively, so you, your family and guests are relaxed during the day.

I look for those natural moments throughout the celebrations that you can easily miss. Please get in touch about a possible booking.

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